School Briefing

YuexiuForeignLanguagesSchool was founded in 1981 by Mr. Shao Hongshu, a distinguished educator and the nephew of Mr. Shao Lizi who is honored as the “the Senior for Peace” in China. The first president of the school was Mr. Wei Fengjiang, the only Chinese student of the world renowned Indian poet Tagore.

The school, situated at the foot of the picturesque Mt.Kuaiji, is featured with tree-lined campus and peaceful environment. The architectural complex of European style highlights the atmosphere of foreign language education. The school shares resources from ZhejiangYuexiuForeignLanguagesUniversity in internship, overseas study, libraries, extracurricular activities and other services.

At present, the school offers four specialties, namely Business English, Business Japanese, Business Korean, and International Business. Special classes are designed for higher education or overseas study. The school motto is Harmony, Success, Cultivation and Integrity. Students are more motivated in smaller classes and enjoy different cultures from foreign teachers of Japan, Korea, USA and UK. The school dedicates itself to cultivating successful practical talents (SPTs) with strong abilities in foreign languages, specialties and career development. Students can pursue their higher education in ZhejiangYuexiuForeignLanguagesUniversity or other colleges after national entrance examinations or open university education. They can go to the sister universities in USA, Japan, Korea, Australia or Singapore for their oversea study.

After 30 years’ development, the school has become famous for its Yuexiu Brand in foreign language education, national college entrance examinations, overseas study and foreign trade employment.

Connotation of school motto:

“Harmony, Success, Cultivation and Integrity” can be interpreted from two aspects. Harmony and Success means being harmonious, gentle, honest and successful. Cultivation and Integrity means devotion to cultivating outstanding talents. With humanism as the fundamental, the motto is the basic principle for Yuexiu people to observe in daily routine, academic progress and personality.

Connotation of SPT:

SPT is the abbreviation of the 3 English words Successful & Practical Talents, the goal of Yuexiu education. Success means the academic achievement, followed by the success in employment or higher education before the ultimate career success.